10 Rules for the couple’s coexistence! And much love above all

couples coexistence

First of all, know that a perfect marriage does not exist, just as there is no manual on how a couple’s life should be ! Sometimes life imposes situations in which feelings and emotions mix, and what was simple becomes complicated. A couple’s relationship will always have ups and downs, this is absolutely normal. What matters is that they try to be in tune to understand their partner in times when everything seems to be more difficult. Keep in mind these 10 items that we have listed, they are golden tips to deal in a healthy way with the challenges of everyday life as a couple!

couples coexistence

1. Dedication always

Couples at the beginning of marriage tend to believe that after the “yes” everything will be a fairy tale. Life as a couple at the beginning is wonderful, but you have to have your feet on the ground and, of course, be present! For any marriage to “work out” it is necessary to understand that there will be good days and bad days, and that the main ingredient of a successful married life is dedication. Everyday needs to be lived with love, so don’t dedicate yourself to your partner only on special occasions. Demonstrate every day that you want to be part of that relationship. That the person next to you is important, even in the most stressful moments.

2. Accept the differences

Knowing how to value differences is difficult, but experts say that no one can change overnight. At these times, giving in a little with your own opinions and accepting your partner’s differences can be the first step towards achieving more harmony in the relationship. Knowing how to listen helps the couple to understand each other’s needs, especially during discussions . By better understanding their love, the couple’s relationship evolves. Use differences as something productive, they might be what you need! But remember: accepting differences does not mean canceling yourself out. Talk, extol the similarities and agree on the differences.

3. Respect each other’s individuality

Yes, you are a couple, but before that you are individuals. The individuality of each one does not have to die after the “yes”. A healthy couple continues to pursue their hobbies and their individual activities. Each one’s space must remain sacred, and understanding that the other needs that space is fundamental.

4. Practice tolerance

A rash reaction can turn something simple into an avalanche. Therefore, avoid drawing conclusions right away or giving vent to the most aggressive reactions. Controlling the way you react to a problem or a disagreement is a fundamental ingredient in not straining the relationship. Impatience is the engine for fights and conflicts, so take a deep breath and listen first.

5. Valentine forever

Don’t let the romance die! It’s not because you’re married that you don’t need to conquer each other . A song, a more elaborate look, that hug full of emotion for no reason at all… Be boyfriends and girlfriends forever! Never lose that butterflies in your stomach when you see each other, and that is achieved with the first item: dedication! And have the self-confidence to believe that you are the soulmate of the person next to you, sufficient and loved.

6. But what about sex?

If you search the internet for tips for a successful marriage, it is likely that you will find many on this topic: sex in marriage. There are no rules here! Whatever your style, the key is to cultivate desire in bed and beyond. The fire from the beginning may not last a lifetime, but a pleasant relationship is halfway to keeping the sexual interest alight. If the couple’s relationship is balanced, the desire will remain, believe me. And, of course, be creative! It’s worth preparing small surprises, breakfast in bed, a champagne in the middle of the week, a little gift outside the festive dates. No one can resist a good treat and a lot of affection!

7. Trust is key

She is the main ingredient for any relationship. So if jealousy starts to invade your mind, seek help or talk directly to your partner. Where does your insecurity come from? Why is trust being dropped? Good old dialogue will help in times when jealousy is unavoidable. If there is this frank conversation, there will be individual freedom, and trust will reign.

8. Don’t compare: every couple is a couple

Each couple is a universe. Some are funnier, others more romantic, some cook for two, others love movies and so on! Find charm in what you share, without thinking about what other couples are experiencing. In times of social networks with unreachable expectations, frustrations are common. But the remedy for this is to always look to the joy your marriage brings you. Protect that bond that keeps you together and happy.

9. Financial organization

Money can be the cause of some conflicts. It doesn’t matter who earns more or less, it is necessary to define how they will pay the bills, fairly and by common agreement. Know that “financial infidelity” is a real concept and one of the most common problems between couples. Do not hide expenses or dissatisfactions with the bank account. At these times, honest and straightforward conversation is paramount.

10. “Such small details of the two of us”

Always try to take a day to review old photos, videos, and remember moments already lived. Reliving history and talking about the good things they’ve experienced is a stimulus to imagine how much they still have ahead of them! Remembering is knowing that you can always live special moments with each other.

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