Samsung The Internet of Things is now aligned with real life

Samsung Electronics showcased the latest innovations in IoT components, devices and platforms at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, proving once again why it is a leader in IoT development. Won-Pyo Hong, president and head of solution development at Samsung Electronics, used the presentation at the fair to review developments in the Internet of Things over the past year, stressing that Samsung has “achieved a lot in a very short time.” “The Internet of Things is now aligned with real life and delivering real value to consumers, businesses and society at large,” he said. He described Samsung’s devices and components, platforms and security solutions as key components that “infuse the everyday objects of our lives with ‘smart’ features.”

Samsung IOT

Samsung’s rapidly growing range of devices and appliances that are equipped with Internet of Things technology for today’s smart homes using the SmartThings ecosystem includes, for example, Samsung’s new 2016 line of SUHD TVs, which also serves as a hub for IoT devices. A completely new category of connected household appliances was also introduced. “With just the right amount of different thinking and functionality, Samsung has greatly refreshed the range of household appliances. They’ve gone from something we need to something we want,” said John Harrington, senior vice president and general manager of home appliances at Samsung Electronics America.

Premier presentation of the Family Hub refrigerator

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator is an extremely powerful and multitasking device that connects the entire family and therefore represents the center of a connected household with an emphasis on digital: on the upper right part of the outer door of the refrigerator is a 21.5-inch Full HD LCD screen that functions as the refrigerator’s digital control center, as it allows convenient and easy publishing, sharing and updating calendars and leaving messages on the refrigerator screen right from your smartphone. It also offers an overview of the stock in the refrigerator – there are three cameras inside the refrigerator that record the stock in the refrigerator every time the refrigerator door is closed, thus providing the user with an overview of the refrigerator whenever and wherever he is.

The refrigerator also allows you to play music through the built-in speaker or through a Bluetooth connection with the Samsung Radiant 360 wireless speakers, as well as play favorite television programs that are simultaneously broadcast on the Samsung Smart TV. With Samsung’s exclusive Flex Zone™ function, the refrigerator can also be converted into a freezer, providing even more space for food storage. There are also the Triple and Metal Cooling cooling systems for keeping food fresh longer, as well as other adjustable and energy-efficient functions, which make the refrigerator one of the most powerful and incomparably innovative devices.

Even more convenience and connectivity in the kitchen

Samsung ‘s line of cookers with Wi-Fi connection and Soft Close Dual Door™ combines advanced technology and superior functionality, which makes it easier and more pleasant for home cooks to prepare food. The line of cookers with award-winning Flex Duo™ technology and soft-close double doors also allows for greater flexibility in customizing the oven to users, who can adjust the size of the oven’s interior space. In addition, they have both a Wi-Fi connection and a connection to the Internet of Things (IoT) and therefore the possibility of control via smartphone.

At the CES 2016 international fair, Samsung also presented the Samsung Chef Collection Slide-in Dual Fuel range of stoves, in which a gas stove and an electric oven are combined into one unit. This time, the line also has Samsung’s Flex Duo™ technology for the first time. Also presented were Samsung refrigerators with adjustable 4 doors, a display case for food, FlexZone™ technology and a Triple Cooling system that maintains a uniform level of humidity throughout the refrigerator and enables easy temperature adjustment, which keeps the food in the refrigerator fresher for longer. .

Openness, interoperability, collaboration

Samsung’s strategy in the field of the Internet of Things is based on promoting “openness, interoperability and cooperation of various industry segments,” as this is the only way to ensure the success of the Internet of Things, said Dr. Hong. A prerequisite for IoT success and a good user experience is seamless device connectivity, which is why Samsung, working with industry partners in the Open Interconnect Consortium, is working to establish a truly open infrastructure called Io Vivity . Believing in an open partnership approach, Samsung has introduced another innovation in this field: its own software interface for the smart home cloud, which allows the integration of any IoT-enabled Samsung device into any IoT ecosystem.

Focus on security

However, since the Internet of Things also generates a huge amount of data, it is necessary to develop “incredibly strong security solutions,” Dr. Hong, pointing out, “There can only be one owner of IoT data: our customers.” Like Samsung’s KNOX security solution for mobile devices, GAIA , a new security solution for smart TVs, will provide device protection. Both security solutions are already part of the hardware of new devices and appliances. It will already be available on Samsung smart TVs manufactured in 2016 to protect and prepare them for the Internet of Things.

Partnerships to contribute to the value of the Internet of Things

With a wide range of devices, platforms and services from Smart Mobility to Bio-Processor healthcare solutions and solutions that connect IoT with the concept of smarter cities and nations – Samsung is undoubtedly poised to bring ‘tech-savvy’ to all areas of everyday life.

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