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Exercises to Run Faster: 4 Speed Exercises to Help You PR

We are all concerned about leading a healthy life , but our occupations and our sedentary lifestyle leave us with no time for physical exercise : whether we are studying, working in the office, our habits have completely limited our physical activity.

Exercises to Run Faster: 4 Speed Exercises to Help You PR

Why is it so important to exercise?

  1. It maintains our health. Our body remains in perfect balance. Not exercising reduces the capacities and abilities of our body: respiratory, resistance, reflexes… at the same time that it makes it easier to suffer from some ailments: muscle contractures, back pain, headache, etc. Physical exercise gets our body going and keeps it in shape. It strengthens us. Strengthens all our muscles, including the heart. Maintaining a balanced routine of strength and resistance exercises is ideal for keeping our body healthy , preventing muscles and organs from atrophying. We yield more during the day. It has been shown that doing physical exercise airs our mind and improves our performance in every way. The physical fatigue caused by exercise is very healthy for our brain, improving our ability to concentrate. In addition, we avoid suffering back pain or headaches, which could make our work difficult. Improve our mood. Exercising produces endorphins , which is the equivalent of feeling happy . Start your daily routine (or end it) with a physical exercise routine that keeps your body in shape; you will feel happy at the end of the day and you will start the next one with much more energy.

But how do we fit an exercise routine into our busy schedule? We are going to propose 3 simple exercise routines at home that will allow you to lead a healthy life without wasting more than 15 minutes a day. Before we start, we must warm up. Being short routines, there will be no breaks between exercises; Start by running for a few minutes or jumping. Take a deep breath and take breaks between exercises if you consider it necessary.

First routine: squats

One of the most complete exercises in terms of muscles involved. They strengthen the legs, ligaments and buttocks. At the same time, the back, shoulders and arms benefit, since they are indirectly involved in this exercise. We will do 2 series of 25 squats each. Remember to take a deep breath and adopt a good position. Having a good posture is important to avoid causing any injury: when you go down, keep your back straight and put your weight on your legs; do not load the weight in the lower back and do not lean against a wall: load the weight on your legs and buttocks while raising your arms to chest height. In this way the posture will be balanced, and the body effort too.

Second routine: lunges (with weights)

Lunges ( or lunges ) are one of the most popular exercises. It consists of putting one leg forward, bending down while flexing it and resting the knee of the other leg on the ground. We get up and repeat advancing the other leg. This routine is ideal for working the legs and knee joints. Be careful not to go too fast and hurt your knee; keep the gesture straight and do not jump. Do this exercise alternating one leg and the other, creating a 90 degree angle with the bent leg. You can accompany this routine with weights; in this case we will hold the weights high above our head, with our arms stretched out: in this way the weight and the force will be balanced in our body.

Third routine: push-ups

This exercise is ideal for losing weight , and one of the best for developing the muscles of the shoulder blades and the pectoral area . Also, it strengthens the triceps . It is about placing ourselves on the ground face down and lifting our body only by supporting our hands and toes. We return to the ground (without touching it with the belly) and repeat. The trunk should not be tilted. As you can see, being in shape is as easy as maintaining simple and healthy exercise routines that you can do at home. Dedicate 15 minutes a day to the well -being of your body: you will live feeling morehealthy and happy.

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