Windows 12: everything we know about this new operating system

Windows 12

Microsoft is changing its release schedule for new versions of its operating system. This modification would make the evolution of Windows 11, released just in October 2021, arrive earlier than planned since there would be a waiting cycle of only three years with the next iteration. With this change in the program, Windows 12, as it is tentatively known, would hit the market in 2024, and for now, the company will work to bring new features to the current version of the system that is on the market. Here we show you windows 12 iso pre activated download for your pc. everything we know about this new version of the most popular operating system on the Internet.

Windows 12

What’s new in Windows 12

Microsoft did hint at a change to its new version of Windows in its last Keynote. This is a design change in the interface itself where the lower taskbar would become floating, in this way, it would resemble the one offered in macOS. Meanwhile, system icons would be located at the top right and a floating search box would appear in the middle. In addition to this, the company is likely to improve control of Android devices that are linked to the Your Phone application, and it could even be working on a dedicated podcast recording application that would also serve to make live broadcasts. An important point to note is that this will not be a mandatory update, although it is in Microsoft’s interest that it be updated on most computers. In the case of Windows 11, many users decided to stay on the previous version for fear of not having stable performance, which is not unusual when a new operating system has just come out.

Requirements to use Windows 12

It is normal for windows 12 64 bit download updates to require greater capacity since they usually include new tools and new functions, and the teams must be prepared to handle them without complications. Taking into account the specifications of the previous versions, the minimum requirements to install Windows 12 could be the following:

  • 64-bit processor (ARM / x86) at minimum 1GHz
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 64 GB minimum storage.
  • UEFI with secure boot support
  • TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module)
  • Minimum 9-inch screen 1,366 x 768 p x
  • DirectX 12 compatible GPU
  • Internet connection

Date Windows 12 will be released

As we have mentioned above, there is still no official confirmation from Microsoft, but there is important information that can give us a more or less clear idea of ​​when we can install Windows 12 on our PCs. Last year, Microsoft announced the update cycle change in which it confirmed that its operating systems will be available every three years. So, considering that Windows 11 was released on October 5, 2021, it is quite likely – and if everything goes well – that Windows 12 will see the light of day at the end of 2024.

How will you get Windows 12?

As it has been until now, the operating system will be free for all those who have a Windows license. Therefore, they will be able to install Windows 12 through Windows Update, when it is already available, as long as the minimum system requirements are met.

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